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Like Horses But Do Not Own One?

Does your heart beats faster every time you see a horse or a picture of a horse? Have you read every horse book and magazine you can get your hands on? Do you envy every horse owner so much it hurts? Do you love the way horses look, feel, and smell? When you do get the chance to ride, do you wish it would last forever? If you feel this way  but don't have a horse of your own, there are many ways you can still be around horses.

There are many ways to become involved with horses and be able to spend time with them without the responsibility or expense of ownership. If you plan to have a horse someday, it is a good idea to learn as much about horses beforehand. Start by looking into riding stables in your area. You can find them in the phone book, or by asking people at feed or tack stores, your county extension agent, or maybe even your local veterinarian. Call the stables and ask what
sorts of services they provide. Some stables offer riding lessons. These are an excellent way to learn about horses and horseback riding. You can take lessons in several riding styles and activities and see which you enjoy most. Just watching other students' lessons can teach you about the rights and wrongs of riding.

If taking a few lessons a week is not going to satisfy your equestrian urges, consider leasing a horse. Though lease agreements can vary in their terms, most offer consistent access to the same horse over the period of the lease. You can locate horses for lease through the sources mentioned above or checking advertisements in local newspapers and equestrian publications.

Leasing may demand more financial investment and time commitment than you have available, however. Fortunately, there are plenty of stables which provide horses for rent by the hour. You can ride with your friends or family on a guided trail ride. Some barns have horses trained to pull large wagons and sleighs for people who love horses but do not necessarily want to ride them.
Larger stables sometimes hold horse shows and training clinics which you can attend to learn more about how to handle horses properly. You can take these opportunities to talk to riders and owners about their equestrian activities. Horse people are usually happy to share their knowledge with anyone who shows an interest.

Some horse barns offer boarding for owners who need places to keep their horses. These stables may be able to help you develop very important and useful skills. Try talking to the barn owner and letting him or her know that you are willing to do any sort of work at the stable just for the experience. Many stable owners are overworked and would be grateful for the help. You can learn many valuables lessons from these professional horse people.

If you happen to live near an equine rescue facility, you can volunteer to help in whatever ways are needed. Not only can you gain both valuable horse experience and information in such a place, just think of how wonderful it would be to bring an abused horse back to good health and happiness! If you don't have a stable or other horse facility nearby, you may be able to find a summer camp with a horseback riding program. Look for camps that offer the style of riding you like best and that will allow you the most time around the horses.

Local saddle clubs are happy to accept non-horse-owners into their membership. These clubs are great places to make friends with people who share your love of horses. Some clubs sponsor shows and clinics and other activities that you can become involved in to learn more about the horse world. Maybe you will own a horse someday, but for now, you can take advantage of all these choices and opportunities. After all, learning about horses is always interesting. And remember, the more you know, the better an owner you will be someday.

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